Hi! I’m Riah and I am currently a college freshman studying Advertising Management at DLSU.

When I was applying for colleges in my senior year in high school, I realized there was a lack of information on the internet about the courses I wanted to apply for. The course descriptions in the college websites and some Reddit forums didn’t suffice. At the same time I was listening to a lot of business and lifestyle podcasts, as well as reading a college blog (College Info Geek, I highly suggest you check it out). I was then inspired to create the content that I couldn’t find on the internet.

College Magnified aims to document my collegiate life and to help others in the same journey by giving my own insights and experiences. There will also be featured content created by students from different schools and courses. This is a Philippine based college blog catered to us Pinoy college students.

I’ve started blogs before that I never really got to grow and I’m just hoping that this time around this blog will work out. I have a vision for this blog and I hope I’ll be driven to create content for you guys and to actually enjoy the process of it.

Thank you for visiting College Magnified and I hope we’ll both stick around 🙂

Featured image taken by Andrew Illarionov