LBYADV1 Portfolio

My favorite class this term was LBYADV1 (Computer Package 1 for Advertising Majors). Our professor was Joie Sales, she’s intimidating at first but it disappears once she shows how much she cares about her students. She critiques our work well and is considerate. The course taught us how to utilize MS Word and PowerPoint in creating collateral such as logos and infographics. We were also taught very basic MS Excel operations like creating a budget plan. Here I will be sharing all my outputs in LBYADV1!

Visual Resume/CV

For our very first output we were tasked to create a visual resume using MS Word only. Below is the resume I was able to create, and I have to say that the activity made me appreciate MS Word a lot more ❤

Read more on how to create your own here: Making a Visual Resume


Album Cover

Our next task was to create an album cover for our desired artist using MS Word again. We could improve current album artwork or make something entirely new, it was up to us!

I chose Up Dharma Down as my artist and made a new album cover for Capacities.

Original album cover of Capacities


My version of the Capacities album cover

It was super fun thinking of a concept and shooting for the album cover. I had 2 other shots in mind for the cover but settled for the one above. I was listening to UDD’s song Tadhana and an idea came up for a boy and a girl to meet and cross at an escalator because “tadhana” or faith willed it. I asked my 2 blockmates to model for the shot and it took us 2 tries to get it right. Try listening to Tadhana by Up Dharma Down while looking at the photo for the full effect! I used MS Word’s photo filters to make the image more cartoony and for it to be a little bit different.

11606029_Padilla - LBYADV1 Album Cover.jpg
Original photo of the album cover, shot at Henry Sy escalators

I had 2 other ideas for the album cover, but the one above shined because of the story behind it. Below are the 2 other options I had, I used VSCO to edit and enhance the photos.

2016-09-27 01.33.01 1.jpg
Had a happy, bubbly album in mind for this shot
2016-09-27 01.32.56 1.jpg
A techno, edgy yet chill (?) album vibe was for this one

Superhero logo

Did you know you could create PATHS in MS Word? I didn’t!! It was monumental when our prof taught us that Word had this feature that allowed us to draw custom shapes, just like in Photoshop/Illustrator. You can create one by right clicking on a shape then click “Edit points”, you can now adjust and add anchor points to your shape.

MS Word Paths.JPG
Create custom shapes using paths in MS Word
Can’t see it well but I made a burger using paths in MS Word!!!

Using the shapes and paths tool in MS Word, we recreated a superhero logo of our choice. I chose Batman and below is the logo I made!

Superhero logo.jpg

Pokemon Go Tutorial

We also created a Pokemon Go tutorial using MS PowerPoint. We had control over what aspect of the game to create a tutorial on.

A slide from the Pokemon Go tutorial

Population Infographic

We were given data and we had to interpret it into an infographic using MS PowerPoint again.

11606029_Population Infographic.JPG
Haha sobrang petiks ng infographic ko 😀

Bench (Mock TVC, infographic and billboard)

Our class was divided into groups for the final output. We chose a brand that we wanted to represent and we had to create a TVC (Television Commercial), infographic and billboard for that brand. My group chose Bench Apparel because clothing is simple to highlight.

The TVC was the most exciting to create and my favorite output of the term. We took inspiration from Snapchat’s rewind filter that played a video backwards. We decided to apply this to our TVC— we were wearing and throwing clothes and in rewind it looked like we were wearing and catching clothes out of nowhere!

Click to watch our Bench TVC!

Bench TVC screenshot

We then created an infographic of Bench’s achievements using MS PowerPoint.

Bench Timeline.jpg
Bench achievements infographic

Lastly, we shot and edited a billboard for Bench using MS PowerPoint! This is another favorite of mine.

Bench Billboard.jpg
Bench billboard

That’s my entire LBYADV1 experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Although the programs we used are basic, it provided all the essential tools needed to create collateral. I seriously love MS Word and PowerPoint now, it’s super simple to use.

Next term (2nd term) we have our LBYADV2 where we’ll tackle Adobe programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator. I’ll definitely share about that as well!

Thank you for reading and happy holidays 🙂

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