Making a Visual Resume

I’ve been in college for almost 2 months now and my favorite subject has to be my advertising computer class (LBYADV1). The subject teaches us how to utilize MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint in creating logos, posters, etc.

For our first output we had to create a visual resume/CV that we can use in the future using only MS Word. Our prof had a lot of pointers to look out for when creating a visual resume, here are some of them:

Tips on creating a visual resume
  1. People are visual creatures, so aim to please their eyes. The header (top most part of resume with your personal details) should catch the attention of your employer right away. This will be their first impression of you so take this chance to make yourself memorable.
  2. Use a recent and professional looking photo of yourself!
  3. Longer isn’t always better. Be brief about your experiences, accomplishments, etc. People don’t have enough time to read through long resumes, so only highlight your best assets.
  4. Pick a color scheme and stick to it, make sure the colors complement each other.
  5. Only use 2-3 fonts! One to use as your headers/titles and the other to use for the body/text.
  6. Use graphs, charts and symbols instead of writing text! This will give more interest and appeal to your resume. (Adding visual elements is key!)
  7. Utilize icons instead of text! Ex. Telephone icon = contact number
  8. You can add hyperlinks to your resume and export it as a PDF, so that when you submit resumes online employers can easily access your sites.
  9. Consider having a theme for your resume depending on your field of work. For example, if you’re an architect it can have subtle design aspects that relate to your work.
What to put in your visual resume
  • Name (Add your nickname if you want)
  • Contact details (Contact number/s, e-mail, city, website, etc.)
  • About Me/Profile (Brief overview of who you are and what you do)
  • Work Experience (Current and previous work/position)
    • Add how long you were in that position (Ex. Secretary: 2015 – 2016)
    • Arrange it chronologically
  • Achievements (Awards, recognition, etc.)
    • Arrange it chronologically
  • Education
    • Arrange it chronologically
  • Skills (Computer, coding, designing, writing etc.)
    • Add a proficiency meter (Ex. Photoshop 4/5, Coding, 3/5)
  • Strengths (Ex. Leadership, persuasive, etc.)
Extra information you can add to your resume
  • Languages you speak
    • Add a proficiency meter (Ex. English 5/5, Filipino 4/5)
  • Your daily life
    • How you spend your time
    • You can use a pie chart to show this
  • Personal interests (Ex. Sports, art, business, etc.)
  • Countries you’ve lived in
    • You can use a map to present this

I should have thought of creating a visual resume when I applied for my summer job, but I didn’t even know visual resumes were a thing until my advertising class HAHA I just gave out plain black and white resumes during my job hunt. This is the first resume I ever created:


Some comments I have about it:

  • The overall resume is plain and has no visual aspect in it. It’s very ordinary.
  • I could have worn a collared shirt for the photo to make it more professional. Smiling in the photo wouldn’t hurt either!
  • There’s no variation of fonts, size and color.

Using my old resume as a skeleton for my new one, I was able to create a more visually appealing resume using MS Word. Here it is:


What a HUGE difference! The new one looks much more memorable than the first. Take a look at them side by side:


I’m honestly surprised that I was able to create that using MS Word because I probably would have used Photoshop if I had the choice. I now have a new found love for Word thanks to my computer class. It has paths just like Photoshop and Illustrator so you can create custom shapes there— AMAZING!

And here are some creative resume samples to inspire you!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Click for more examples: 70 Well-Designed Resume Examples For Your Inspiration

I’ll probably be using the resume I made for class in the future and create a matching business card with it! I encourage you to create one because you will definitely use it in the future when applying for internships and jobs.

You can create your own resume using MS Word, Photoshop or online resume makers (there’s a lot on Google, ex. VisualCV)

I love my advertising class (it’s the subject I enjoy the most) and hopefully I’ll be sharing more about it soon! Thank you for reading 🙂

For more tips on creating a visual resume, read Will Fanguy’s post on Piktochart!

How Creating an Infographic Resume Helped Me Get a Job by Will Fanguy

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